Katarina Gaborova

Psychologist In The Hague


  • Regularly writing articles for Access magazine
  • Design of INVIGORATE – minimize burnout card deck
  • Running company workshops related to these topics *Stressors vs Buffers *Self care without guilt *Decision making processes with effectiveness *and many others custom made 
In March 2019-See Bee Tee memory game card deck for children & adults was released. This is an interactive tool reinforcing positive thoughts
An interview for the Business Blast with Tyler Wagner
There was the 4th volume publication of the book for Better Business. Hundred authors, including me contributed with 100 chapters of various success business journeys and their lessons learnt. My chapter was called “Where there are no opportunities, you create them”. I truly hope that you will enjoy reading it.
I participated as a speaker at Women Economic Forum in Birmingham, UK.
Documentary “Do women have a higher sex drive?” in which I was interviewed.
An article “Amazing Shifts” was published in Access magazine (Spring Issue)
A Slovak Magazine Šarm published interview about me. SKUTOCNY PRÍBEH
I was interviewed for a Slovak platform, NIE SOM DOMA
is a paperback book in Slovak language, you can order one here
I was proud to accept an invitation to present at the TED X event at the Haagse Hoge school.
I was interviewed about sport psychology “Workout the mind with sport” p.44-47
In November 2014-I was working on a short film portraying various scenarios of human habits that one may develop during life.
In October 2013-I was interviewed about the challenges of homesickness for ACCESS magazine (a Dutch magazines for Expatriates). The article was called “Coping with homesickness in healthy ways” p.50-53
SEE BEE TEE Memory Card Game
SEE BEE TEE an Emotional Bandage Book