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My general physician recommended Katarina to me, after I suffered from sleeplessness. I was new to the Hague, and was having an extremely tough time coping with the new environment, staying away from home and above all, my long distance relationship.Katarina has made a significantly positive difference  in my life. She is extremely patient and emphatic. She is good at focusing on the core of the problems, which makes it easy to solve issues from the root. I also found Katarina’s counselling very innovative. She certainly does her homework and is abreast with all the new methods of building self-esteem,  positive thinking and how to improve one’s well being.Thanks to Katarina, I am now coping very well with my life. I am dating someone nice, have the courage to get rid of unnecessary evils from my life, staying healthy and above all, happy and content.Thank you for your help.

                                                                                                                                                                          –I.M, age 27, Bangladesh

I am an International student living in the Hague. I met Katarina when I needed a multi-lingual Counsellor, given the challenges and depression I was going through. This was related to a long distance relationship I was dealing with along with the academic pressure. At this point, I desperately needed to speak to a professional person. It was a great experience for me speaking to Katarina because she helped me to understand myself better and taught me to prioritise my feelings and myself during the challenges I was going through. I enjoyed every session, the relaxation therapies, reflection and the skills she gave me on how to improve my eating habits. As I found it difficult to eat at that point. I know that healing is a process but she was very helpful and even now I still use the skills I have acquired.

                                                                                                                                                                               –J.G, age 20, Uganda

I was referred to Katarina, after I had problems due to living in a foreign country (Netherlands). I was disappointed, missed my family and home. Katarina listened to me and started to find out my personality. Together we planned progressive steps. One main point in her therapy was that she encouraged me to bring out whatever was on my mind. She attended to my feelings and never told me that I had been mistaken. If we came across some ambiguities, she tried to open up the situation and we reviewed it together. Katarina pointed out my capabilities and positive sides of my characteristics. She really understood my situations and according to that guided me.Another point is her own personality; her mood in the sessions makes you feel that you have known her for a long time. This helped to create a friendly and warm relationship between us.

                                                                                                                                                                                    –A.S.,age 54,  Iran

I have been in contact with Katarina since November 2010.I was seeking help in terms of fluctuations in my mood. Katarina helped me to look at things using different techniques. I like the way she includes new ways of relaxation techniques to the sessions. Therapy helped me to look at things positively and see that there is always a way out of problems. Katarina makes you feel that you are not alone on the road.

                                                                                                                                                                                –B.E, age 24,Turkey.

I met Katarina in 2010. I have just arrived in the Netherlands as a foreign student and was feeling confused and the school work was getting to my nerves. The college doctor recommended her to me for a few sessions. She was very understanding and she helped me to get over my stress as she correctly diagnosed me. Over a period of a few weeks of my therapy I received some advise and I got my bearings right. Now I live a l life full of joy and concentration. I will always be thankful to her. I would personally recommend her to any one in the same or similar situation. Thank you.

                                                                                                                                                                             –CCMK, age 30, Kenya

I met Katarina in 2010. That was the time of big changes in my life. I just returned to the Netherlands, my relationship ended and I faced the difficulties of finding job. All those challenges caused me great anxiety and I felt I was losing my energy. During our first meeting, Katarina was very considerate of my feelings and I remember that she immediately scheduled our first session. This made me feel that I wasn’t left with my problems alone. In the 8 months of my ‘therapy’ I really learned a lot about myself and most important I was showed how to deal with stress and the feelings of anxiety. Instead of taking the pill, I can overcome these feelings with exercises that Katarina showed me. Till this day, whenever I can’t sleep, I use the breathing exercise that makes me immediately fall asleep. Our weekly meetings also made me realize that I need to believe more in myself and my own power to overcome difficulties in life. I learned that there is always a solution to any problem as long as I look for it instead of waiting and doing nothing. It was also good to analyse many aspects of my past experiences and Katarina with all her knowledge and professional experience was able to help me with that. Thank you Katarina for all the help I received from you!

                                                                                                                                                                            –J.K, age 30, Poland.

Katarina is a wonderful person and a talented and dedicated psychotherapist. She is excellent at building a comfortable rapport, making one feel understood and at ease very quickly. I have been impressed at the many long hours she spends preparing creative approaches for her clients drawing from many different therapeutic methods. In short, she really cares about helping people, and is inspirational in her efforts to do so.

                                                                                                                        –B.B., Life coach and Master NLP Practitioner, Amsterdam.

” I have really achieved a lot of self-confidence amongst other things with your professional help to get through the  challenges of my studies here in the NL. The sessions were really useful and have continued to be a source of inner strength to assist me whenever I have challenges or I lost the confidence, which I think  was the key to everything at school. Thank you Katarina. You were really wonderful and ready to give a listening ear to my worries. I appreciate your professionalism”                                                

                                                                                                                                                                   –R.E.O, age 21 , Nigeria.


  1. Super Pani Terapeltka ,pomaga we wszystkich problemach zawodowych i prywatnch polecam i bardzo Pani Katarin Dziekuje!!!!
    M.B, 39 lat, Polska Krakow

  2. I had several sessions of therapy with Katarina Gaborova following a very painful breakup of a relationship. She devised a plan to help me overcome these problems by using EFT techniques as a coping mechanism during acute periods of stress, as well as formulating a hollistic approach to long-term improvement, including structured analysis of my past. As a result, I am slowly coming to terms with who I am, and with the issues I need to address. I would absolutely recommend Katerina as an excellent psychologist.

  3. I am an international student studying in The Hague. I have been suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. I have experienced very difficult and tough time feeling upset and down. I contacted Katarina in January 2013 asking for psychological help. I would like to confirm the positive impact of the treatment, which was a result of not only her profession but also her talent and personality. Through the sessions, she taught me EFT, muscle tension/relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, positive visualization, counseling, and together we have worked on my case management. She assisted me with improving memory and taught me a variety of effective study techniques. I do recommend Katarina as an excellent psychologist.
    __A.A, 37 age, Sudan

  4. It was good meeting with Katarina. She helped me during short time when I was away from my family. I left my children and come to study. Last born was two months. I could not focus on my studies at all. I had terrible and difficult time. Since I meet Katarina I felt good. She made me to be proud of myself and have another chance to focus on what I was doing. I can not imagine my life without her efforts on me. She teach me different techniques of how to over come stress and relaxation when depressed. Thanks Katarina. I will remember you always.
    S. From Tanzania.

  5. Katarina helped me overcome one of my biggest problems during a stressful senior year. I was suffering from anxiety that would hurt my grades and damage social relationships. Simply after years of suffering and stress the anxiety developed and for one year it drove me into utter panic. I started the sessions not knowing if she could help me but Katarina managed to give me the ability to cope and even overcome my problem just in time. She spent lots of time teaching me the power of EFT and breathing techniques something that turned out to be worth more than gold during stressful situations (which believe it or not are frequent in the full IB). I just got news that I’ve succeeded in the IB, something that without her help would have not been possible. For those who are looking for an amazing therapist, I fully recommend her!
    Thank you Katarina!
    Daniel, Wassenaar NL.

  6. I met Katraina while I was studying abroad in the Hague. She made it very easy for me to open to up to her. She offered numerous techniques for me to better be able to cope with my issues. She was always extremely compassionate and a great listener. Within a few months, I was feeling much better and my mental health had drastically improved. I would absolutely recommend Katarina.

  7. I met Katarina when I was in a deep depression. I suffered from a sickness with various physical symptoms as well as a depression at that moment. Although I was very sick, I didn’t want to see a therapist because it is still very stigmatized in my culture. I hesitated for so long to see her. Once I realized that I got mired in a depression and I was sinking deeper and deeper, there was no way getting out of that hole by myself. So I decided to get some help from Katarina. She was a great listener, guide, and an adviser. She always tried to find the best way that I could do with feasible plans and supports. Counselling with her comforted and encouraged me to re-start and try many things. That helped to improve my body and mental condition. She also did follow-up checks. I started to get better and I can feel the difference. It took a while for me to suffer from depression but after I had approximately 10 sessions from her, I could see things getting back on track. I strongly recommend her, because she knows how to compassionately deal with your pain and to relieve a burden on your mind.

  8. I am an international student studying in the Hague and contacted Katarina because of a variety of personal issues such as feeling “stuck” in my life and low self-esteem. Katarina not only provided a caring and listening ear, but was very knowledgeable and helped me to learn how to process my emotions and communicate them better. She helped me tremendously in widening my perspectives and I am very grateful to have found her as a therapist. She was also able to relate to me quite easily and I always felt very relaxed and open during our sessions. If you are having a tough time, I would absolutely not hesitate to recommend her as a therapist.

  9. I saw Katarina every month or so over a period of 12 months. I initially went looking for general life coaching and over the course of the sessions, she really helped to ‘pin down’ the areas I wanted to work on. I cannot express enough how much she helped me with positive visualisation, laying the past to rest and planning my future. I leave her with true clarity of where I am heading and who I am. She is a warm, compassionate person with tremendous expertise. And she truly cares. I wholeheartedly recommend her.

  10. I would like to thank Katarina as she has certainly succeeded in creating a comprehensive overview of positive psychology in her book V!VA Tools for Well-being. It draws on research suggesting to help people not only by addressing psychological challenges but by teaching them to develop positive characteristics as well, such as self-acceptance and a sense of purpose. Her book distinguishes itself by not only reporting on breakthroughs in positive psychology, but by emphasizing how these findings can be applied to everyone’s well being.

  11. Hi. I’m from Estonia and I live with three children in The Hague. I am without a family here and I have only a few friends.
    A few years ago I had a difficult divorce. I went to see 3 different therapists whom I could not develop my trust with. Then one day my friends insisted that I go to see and try sessions with Katarina. I have to say that I didn’t believe it it, only fearing that I eventually leave without having a feeling of being helped.
    After only our second session and the EDMR technique with Katarina my suspicions disappeared and I slowly started feeling better and better. I ‘ve lost my nightmares and the fears which I had I view now with a big smile. She guided me how to deal with my teenage kids. Thanks to her, I started to enjoy painting and handcraft work after four years.
    Katarina uses a variety of methods to help you and she also gives you a homework to accelerate healing . For me she is THE BEST!

  12. After half year living in The Hague, I found myself immerse in anxiety and deep depression. This was because I was missing my family in Mexico, and because I broke up with a relationship that was very important with me. I felt alone and without hope. In my search for help, I found Katarina. She is a well committed and well prepared professional. She motivated me to see life from a different perspective, full of joy and peace. She helped me to see life as a gift and she showed me that I deserve to be happy and that there is nothing wrong with me.

    Katarina is a honest and compassionate person who is kindly willing to help anyone who has troubles in life.

  13. Katarina responded well to my personality type and logically provided concrete steps in dealing with the grief I experienced due to the sudden death of a partner. Truly a remarkable woman who excels at her craft.

  14. Katarina is a lovely and dedicated psychologist. She helped me to overcome my anxiety disorder issue that I have for these past few years by providing clear steps in every session. She is really understanding with the condition of international students. After I have gone for several sessions, I can mitigate and solve my anxiety issues, especially during the stressful time.

  15. I went to see Katarina after I realised I was immersed in a circle of negative thoughts that were affecting me in a personal, professional and academic level. Anxiety and sadness were the only feelings I could recall. However, after attending to Katarina´s sessions I feel more empowered and resilient. The fact that Kataria combines therapy with live coaching exercises adds significant value to the sessions. Not only because I got to understand why things were happening in the way they did but also because I got to be aware of mine thoughts, how they were influencing my behaviour and, what is more important, I got the tools to know how to overcome difficulties. Therefore, I can assure that attending Katarina´s sessions will truly change your life.

  16. I found Katarina a fully talented psychologist. I was sent to her by my general practitioner as I was so desperate because I had a deep depression. I was full of anxiety and had unlimited nightmares. Katarina helped me to surf back into my past and she used different Techniques which gave me back my hope. After 3 sessions, I felt stronger and more positive to pursue my future objectives. I enjoyed her style of conversing mixed with physical exercises. Actually, I have become a strong and more focused woman full of hope for the future. My smile came back to my face because of Katarina.

  17. I met Katarina through a program my former company set up in the wake of a branch closing. Emotions were running high and we had distraught employees who really needed help. Mind you, I needed help too!
    I cannot stress enough the fact that Katarina did a fantastic job for us all. Her kindness and professionalism help her get through the toughest shells. On my end, I particularly appreciated her flexibility as she developed workshops on the go, adapting her support based on our feedback. The workshops were well attended and employees reported feeling better and more empowered and confident after these.
    The level of information she delivers during the workshops is impressive, and the little games she includes in each of them help alleviate the pressure one might feel when attending a X-hour meeting. Kindness, interactions and empowerment are the core of Katarina’s special touch. Her open mind helps liberate the voice, without fear of judgement. Trust was gained without a word. Her smile and body language inspired it upon our first meeting.
    If you are a company willing to invest in employee well-being, I cannot recommend enough working with Katarina. Here is a digest of why:
    – Flexibility in format of intervention
    – Quick response and adaptation upon inquiries
    – Engaging content, workshop and 1-1 sessions
    – Sets up a trusting environment
    – Brings the best of psychology and coaching

    I do hope this testimonial helps you make the next best decision for you or your employees!

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