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The end of 2018 coming out ….

Our team is currently working on a book and a memory game for children utilising the principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. The aim of these products is to reinforce magical positive thinking and attitude in 6+ years aged children. 

    Illustrated by: Nataša Gruden Pižmoht

 Written by: Katarina Gaborova


In September 2018- There was the 4th volume publication of the book for Better Business. Hundred authors, including me contributed with 100 chapters of various success business journeys and various lessons learnt. My chapter was called “Where there are no opportunities, you create them”. I truly hope that you will enjoy reading it.


In June 2018, I participated as a speaker at Women Economic Forum in Birmingham, UK. The topic presented was : ” How to adopt a holistic mindset to reinvent the inner strengths” 







In May 2018 -there was a release of a documentary “Do women have a higher sex drive?”  , in which I was interviewed. The film was produced by a Dutch producer and an award winner of the Sexology Media Prize ( in 2012 ) Jan-Willem Breure. 

In March 2018-An article “Amazing Shifts” that I wrote was published in Access magazine (Spring Issue) . The article discusses the power of our thought processes based on research of positive psychology.


Year 2017

In November 2017–  A Slovak Magazine ŠARM published an interview about my practice and projects related to positive psychology.    

In August 2017– I was interviewed for a Slovak platform supporting  people Slovak Republic who are living abroad NIE SOM DOMA.


Year 2016

In March 2016-I was interviewed for an article in ACCESS magazine (a Dutch magazine for Expatriates) . The article was called “Habits, keep the best. Change the rest”.p 20-23

In December 2016-I wrote a self help book as a coaching guide for everyday challenges. The book was published in Slovak language called V!VA CESTA K SPOKOJNOSTI. 

Please read below the description of the book:

 “V!VA Cesta k spokojnosti”

is a paperback book . The book serves as every day support for various life challenges. It contains:

  • animal images for visual stimulation and positive emotional impact
  • rhymed therapeutic sentences in order to memorise the message and learn it easier
  • explanations of human psychophysiology linked to emotions
  • research literature
  • and various self-help suggestions

In Sk click here

In Cz click here



Year 2015

In March 2015- We worked on a motivational deck of cards  and a book V!VA Tools for Well-being published by Petra Books, Canada

Please view below the presentation of the card deck:

V!VA Tools for Well-being Soon Available

This Life coaching card deck offers therapeutic well-being through pictures of animals in nature, poetry and motivational text. These 40 “self-actualization “cards were developed in order to assist teenagers and adults to maintain positive outlook and have a support during the times of change and growth. The card deck as well as the book V!VA Tools for well-being are available in the American book stores in The Hague and Amsterdam. They can also be ordered via http://www.petrabooks.ca/ or through our e-shop here.

V!VA Tools for well-being book review

review by Dr. Lucy Slavianska (Phd in Clinical Philosophy, editor/writer and a professional life coach)

“A unique collection of professional psychologist’s advice, complemented with effective easy-to-remember rhyming phrases and beautiful photographs of animals, Viva: Tools for Well-being by Katarina Gaborova is a small but powerful book designed to help and inspire people of all ages, genders and cultural backgrounds who are facing struggles in different areas of their lives.

The author shows an understanding of human nature and the ways people cope with grief, fears, disappointment, anger and other negative emotions. She teaches her readers how to be patient with themselves, how take their time when they cope with loss, how to find the inner strength to overcome hardships and get back on track; how to love and appreciate themselves, increase self-awareness, practice positive thinking and achieve more happiness in their lives.

One of the most precious recommendations in the book is related to the fact that many people tend to isolate themselves when they face misfortunes – a behaviour that can lead to depression, illness and other negative consequences. Gaborova explains how a person in a difficult situation can benefit of finding support and also of helping other people.

In a friendly tone, the book also encourages the readers to find their own paths and pursue their personal goals regardless of the pressure from others.

Aware that rhyming phrases improve cognitive processing, memory and learning ability, Gaborova adds her own poetry to enhance the power of her suggestions – for example, “As hundreds fly in one direction/ Take the path of your selection”.

The photographs of animals in the book also have their psychological purpose – studies show that animals have a positive impact on people’s well-being by decreasing stress levels and improving moods.

The wisdom of the book is drawn from the author’s professional and personal experience:  Gaborova has been trained as a psycho-physiologist and phychologist in Australia and currently is a life coach and neuro-linguistic programing practitioner in the Netherlands.  In her private practice in The Hague she works with children and adults mainly from the international community in the city. Gaborova’s knowledge and understanding of different cultures and ways of thinking are result of her traveling and living in several parts of the world and her yearning to learn how people around the globe deal with life issues.

Viva: Tools for Well-being is an excellent book for everyone looking for inspiration, motivation and encouragement to overcome troubles and achieve goals, happiness and joy in life.”



Hard copy of the book can be ordered via  Petra Books , e-book also available on: SmashWords, Google Books, Amazon


In May 2015- I was proud to accept an invitation to present at the TED X event at the Haagse Hoge school, in the Hague, Netherlands.


In March 2015- I was interviewed for Erasmus magazine International  about the issues that many international students may face when first arriving to the Netherlands. The article was called “Praying that there won’t be any more snow.”p.9-11.

In February 2015- I was interviewed for Erasmus magazine NL .The article was discussing various issues that many international students may face when arriving to the Netherlands. It was called “Vaker psychologische problemen bij internationale studenten ISS en IHS”.


Year 2014

In March 2014- I was interviewed about sport psychology for ACCESS magazine (a Dutch magazine for Expatriates). The article was called “Workout the mind with Sport” p. 44-47.

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In November 2014- I was working on a short film portraying various scenarios of human habits that one may develop during the journey of life. We all develop certain habits that may not make much sense to others. However, believe it or not each action has a crucial reason behind it. We hope that this short film prompts everyone to t let go of any judgements towards other people…Because, as the movie says “We Are Only Humans. Special thanks to Strobe Pictures.

We Are Only Humans


Year 2012



           By: Katarina Gaborova & Kehinde Okanlawon   

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Year 2009

We were working on the DVD series that could be used as an additional resource for families dealing with trauma.

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