Projects that K.G Psychological Services is involved in…

2018 Coming out soon….

Our team is currently working on a book SEE BEE TEE for children utilising the principles of the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). The aim of this book is to reinforce magical positive thinking and attitude in primary school aged children.


    Illustrated by: Nataša Gruden Pižmoht

  Written by: Katarina Gaborova


In June 2018, I participated as a speaker on the topic ” How to adopt a holistic mindset to reinvent inner strengths” at Women Economic Forum in Birmingham, UK




In June 2018, there was a release of a documentary “Do women have a higher sex drive?”  This documentary was produced by a Dutch producerJan-Willem Breure, who was also a winner of the Sexology Media Prize ( in 2012 ).

March 2018-A contribution to ACCESS magazine. The article was called “Amazing Shifts”p.20-21.


November- an interview for a Slovak Magazine ŠARM

August- an interview for a platform supporting Slovak people living abroad NIE SOM DOMA


A contribution to ACCESS magazine (a Dutch magazine for Expatriates). The article was called “Habits, keep the best. Change the rest”.p 20-23

Created a self help book V!VA CESTA K SPOKOJNOSTI

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