V!VA Tools for well-being book reviews

Click here for a review of V!VA book by Dr Ute Limacher-Riebold (a language coach and trainer, and an expert in bilingualism)

A review by Dr. Lucy Slavianska (Phd in Clinical Philosophy, editor/writer and a professional life coach)

“A unique collection of professional psychologist’s advice, complemented with effective easy-to-remember rhyming phrases and beautiful photographs of animals, Viva: Tools for Well-being by Katarina Gaborova is a small but powerful book designed to help and inspire people of all ages, genders and cultural backgrounds who are facing struggles in different areas of their lives.

The author shows an understanding of human nature and the ways people cope with grief, fears, disappointment, anger and other negative emotions. She teaches her readers how to be patient with themselves, how take their time when they cope with loss, how to find the inner strength to overcome hardships and get back on track; how to love and appreciate themselves, increase self-awareness, practice positive thinking and achieve more happiness in their lives.

One of the most precious recommendations in the book is related to the fact that many people tend to isolate themselves when they face misfortunes – a behaviour that can lead to depression, illness and other negative consequences. Gaborova explains how a person in a difficult situation can benefit of finding support and also of helping other people.

In a friendly tone, the book also encourages the readers to find their own paths and pursue their personal goals regardless of the pressure from others.

Aware that rhyming phrases improve cognitive processing, memory and learning ability, Gaborova adds her own poetry to enhance the power of her suggestions – for example, “As hundreds fly in one direction/ Take the path of your selection”.

The photographs of animals in the book also have their psychological purpose – studies show that animals have a positive impact on people’s well-being by decreasing stress levels and improving moods.

The wisdom of the book is drawn from the author’s professional and personal experience:  Gaborova has been trained as a psycho-physiologist and phychologist in Australia and currently is a life coach and neuro-linguistic programing practitioner in the Netherlands.  In her private practice in The Hague she works with children and adults mainly from the international community in the city. Gaborova’s knowledge and understanding of different cultures and ways of thinking are result of her traveling and living in several parts of the world and her yearning to learn how people around the globe deal with life issues.

Viva: Tools for Well-being is an excellent book for everyone looking for inspiration, motivation and encouragement to overcome troubles and achieve goals, happiness and joy in life.”



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