“V!VA Cesta k spokojnosti”

is a paperback book published in 2016. The book serves as your every day mentor and supporter with various challenges that we may encounter. The book contains:

-animal images for visual stimulation and positive emotional impact

-rhymed therapeutic sentences in order to increase memory and learning

-explanations of human physiology of emotions

-research literature

-and various self-help suggestions

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Your pocket life coach ….in a new form of a card deck


V!VA Tools for Well-being Soon Available

This Life coaching card deck offers therapeutic well-being through pictures of animals in nature, poetry and motivational text. These 40 “self-actualization “cards were developed in order to assist teenagers and adults to maintain positive outlook and have a support during the times of change and growth. The card deck as well as the book V!VA Tools for well-being are available in the American book stores in The Hague and Amsterdam. They can also be ordered via http://www.petrabooks.ca/ . 


V!VA Tools for well-being book reviews

Click here for a review of V!VA book by Dr Ute Limacher-Riebold (a language coach and trainer, and an expert in bilingualism)

A review by Dr. Lucy Slavianska (Phd in Clinical Philosophy, editor/writer and a professional life coach)

“A unique collection of professional psychologist’s advice, complemented with effective easy-to-remember rhyming phrases and beautiful photographs of animals, Viva: Tools for Well-being by Katarina Gaborova is a small but powerful book designed to help and inspire people of all ages, genders and cultural backgrounds who are facing struggles in different areas of their lives.

The author shows an understanding of human nature and the ways people cope with grief, fears, disappointment, anger and other negative emotions. She teaches her readers how to be patient with themselves, how take their time when they cope with loss, how to find the inner strength to overcome hardships and get back on track; how to love and appreciate themselves, increase self-awareness, practice positive thinking and achieve more happiness in their lives.

One of the most precious recommendations in the book is related to the fact that many people tend to isolate themselves when they face misfortunes – a behaviour that can lead to depression, illness and other negative consequences. Gaborova explains how a person in a difficult situation can benefit of finding support and also of helping other people.

In a friendly tone, the book also encourages the readers to find their own paths and pursue their personal goals regardless of the pressure from others.

Aware that rhyming phrases improve cognitive processing, memory and learning ability, Gaborova adds her own poetry to enhance the power of her suggestions – for example, “As hundreds fly in one direction/ Take the path of your selection”.

The photographs of animals in the book also have their psychological purpose – studies show that animals have a positive impact on people’s well-being by decreasing stress levels and improving moods.

The wisdom of the book is drawn from the author’s professional and personal experience:  Gaborova has been trained as a psycho-physiologist and phychologist in Australia and currently is a life coach and neuro-linguistic programing practitioner in the Netherlands.  In her private practice in The Hague she works with children and adults mainly from the international community in the city. Gaborova’s knowledge and understanding of different cultures and ways of thinking are result of her traveling and living in several parts of the world and her yearning to learn how people around the globe deal with life issues.

Viva: Tools for Well-being is an excellent book for everyone looking for inspiration, motivation and encouragement to overcome troubles and achieve goals, happiness and joy in life.”



Stress and how to deal with it

Everyone “knows” that stress is bad for us. Although, biologically speaking it has a very important function to prepare us to perform, to stimulate, or sometimes even motivate us. No matter how much we try to fight it, it is often a part of our every day life (see link) and we might not even be aware of it.

Did you know that we might feel stressed even if we are involved in activities that are perceived to be very “positive” ? These include partying, our own wedding, having a new addition to the family etc? Stress is basically a mental or emotional state that is related to strain or tension due to novel or demanding circumstances.

Here is the good news, the recent research shows that stress as such is not so damaging as it was once thought to be. It’s the thoughts and beliefs that we hold related to being stressed that can eventually “kill us”
(e.g. click here).

So, next time when you feel very stressed evaluate your thoughts and try to see the reasons behind your actions. See how your body is preparing for the big challenges and note that whatever it’s doing it tries to help you to cope. Of course if it gets too uncomfortable there are many ways how you can support yourself. Below I will list just a few examples that I have personally found very valuable.

1.) First of all, coming from the holistic point of view –we can’t function mentally if we are not taking the best possible care of our physical body. So, as a start try to eat well. This link provides some suggestions on how to battle stress.
2.) Drink enough water (approximately 2 liters per day)
3.) Exercise regularly (at least 3 times per week, for at least 30 minutes. I would suggest aerobic exercises in order to increase your heart rate). You can try for example click here.
4.) Sit down and define the stressors in your life and try to alter or avoid them
5.) Schedule some fun activities and if you can, do it with people who you love spending time with
6.) To increase physical relaxation, get a massage. For those living in The Hague I would strongly recommend Massage Sense Centre,
7.) It has been repeatedly shown how important it is to be concerned with positive psychology with the main focus on positive emotions, thoughts, and our strengths instead of weaknesses. Focus on what you have rather then constantly searching and telling yourself what is wrong with you. For more information please view this link.
8.) Learn to accept certain things that you have no control over and are unable to change them. Let go of anger and practice your forgiveness.

V!VA: Tools for well-being

VIVA_9781927032374_cover_R3_96dpiBy Katarina Gaborova

V!VA Tools for Well-being

Is a convenient small sized paper format book that serves as a pocket life coach.

This book has been designed for anyone interested in his or her own personal development. It can be also used as an additional tool in therapy for counselors, psychologists, life coaches, social workers or other therapists who work with their clients on enhancing their mood and try to bring out the changes of behavior.

The uniqueness of this book lies in the form of cards. Each card presents a new idea reinforced by a rhyming quote paired with complementing beautiful photography meant to get you in touch with nature. Each pair is accompanied by constructive, educational text providing examples and tools to overcome certain daily issues.


Hard copy of the book can be ordered via  Petra Books

e-book also available on:


Google Books



For those living in the Hague, or in Amsterdam,the Netherlands- The book and the cards can be purchased and ordered at the American Book Shop

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We Are Only Humans


This short film portrays various scenarios depicting habits developed during one’s journey through life. We all develop certain habits that might not make much sense to others. However, each action has a crucial reason behind it. We hope that this short film prompts everyone to think as well as let go of any judgements towards others…As the movie says “We Are Only Humans. Special thanks to Strobe Pictures.

Life Coaching

A Life Coach works as a facilitator, that works with a client (who is an expert). This approach is different from psychotherapy. In coaching, the main focus is on solutions not on the problems.

Once watched please contact me for more information or private coaching sessions online, on the phone or in my office.

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Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)

This short video talks about Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). NLP offers a set of various tools that can contribute to change of specific behaviours easily and quickly. This can be done by examining people’s structure of subjectivity and teaching them how to re-program to bring this change also on a neurological level.

Once watched please contact me for more information or private coaching sessions online, on the phone or in my office.

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