About Me

I am a NIP registered psychologist  based in The Hague, Netherlands.

My education has been obtained in Australia, and includes the following:

Over the years, I have lived in various countries and have been exposed to many different cultures.
As a result, I became curious about how a change of the environment influences people (particularly on a mental and emotional level).

This is one of the reasons why I decided to offer psychological support to the international community of The Hague in the Netherlands.

My work experience includes:

  • the assessment of premature born babies in the hospital setting
  • providing support to teenage and adult clients at a drug and alcohol treatment clinic
  • working as an educational psychologist at a number of primary schools in Australia
  • designing social skills training programs for primary school aged children
  • creating and producing various psycho-educational materials, used as additional resources in a form of a DVD, books in English and Slovak language and in a form of a deck of cards.
  • In 2009, my private practice K.G Psychological services was established in the Hague, Netherlands. Since then I have been offering support to teenagers and adults from various cultural backgrounds.
  • organising workshops related to stress management, parenting skills or positive psychology (please contact me for more information related to the workshops)